Our mission is to ensure the generation of accurate and precise findings. this


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Unlocking the Power of Molecular Diagnostics

At IPSEITY, we leverage the power of molecular diagnostics to deliver accurate testing for infections and genetics

Precision Testing for Infections and Genetics

Your full service lab for sample testing. Our process is to ensure the generation of accurate and precise reports.

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Ipseity proudly presents Abiliquest- your personalized health guru

Abiliquest Briniging you Health & Lifestyle monitoring

Abiliquest is your personal health assistant, especially designed to track and facilitate activities and the well-being of you, your family and your community.


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    I was relieved to receive my thyroid function test results from the laboratory. The accurate and timely results helped me and my doctor monitor my thyroid health effectively, and I appreciate the excellent service provided by the IPSEITY DIAGNOSTICS.

    Darlene Robertson

    I recently had an immunology panel test done at the laboratory, and I was impressed with the comprehensive results. The detailed report provided valuable insights into my immune system's health, and the IPSEITY's staff were knowledgeable and friendly.

    Courtney Henry

    I opted for the CGx test at the Ipseity laboratory to assess my cancer risk, and I'm glad I did. The thorough genetic profiling report helped me understand my cancer risk factors better and empowered me to make informed healthcare decisions. The lab's professionalism and expertise were commendable

    Kathryn Murphy